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Vegan "Tuna" Melt

These are very uncertain and troubling times. No matter how much we try to stay calm, the world finally catches up with you, and we feel insecure and scared sometimes. In times of trouble, I keep telling myself that most of the things that are happening in the world are out of my control. What we can control is our bodies, our minds, our routine. And this sense of control will soothe you. I want to encourage your to keep your diet goals no matter what, keep exploring the vegan world of cooking, learn more recipes, exercise, spend as much tine outside as possible. Keep you mind and body busy.

Equipment you need:

  • food processor

  • oven or toaster

  • knife

  • cutting board

  • a bowl

I want to share this sandwich idea with you. I called it vegan "tuna" melt though I don`t really melt the vegan cheese as I find the cold version tastier. The sandwich is served cold which makes it perfect for the summer. Perfect food to go.

My favorite bread choice is a jewish rye bread, but it would be perfect with the baguette, ciabatta, or any gluten-free version.

The key to a delicious vegan tuna sandwich is the right choice of cheese and the making of 'tuna' salad.


For the "tuna" salad you need:

1 can of garbanzo beans

2 tbsps of Vegenaise (Vegan Mayo)

1/4 tsp salt

black pepper to taste

1/4 of lemon (juiced)

1/4 of seaweed snack (optional)

Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart is so far my favorite vegan mayo brand. You have to try it yourself. It`s simply delicious, less calories than the real mayo, no cholesterol. It`s definitely a staple in my fridge.

The dry seaweed will add a "fishy" taste to your salad. If you opt for adding it, be more careful with the salt as normally the seaweed snacks already contain a lot of sodium.

Add all of the ingredients to the food processor, blend until smooth. I recommend chilling the salad in a fridge while you are working on the rest of the sandwich. You can also add other ingredients that you would normally add to the real tuna salad. You can mix it will chopped celery, or relish etc.....

Making the "tuna" sandwich

  • Toast the bread till it`s lightly brown.

  • Spread the Vegenaise with a knife over both pieces

  • Layer lettuce, tomatoes, "tuna" salad, vegan cheese *, avocado, sprouts, you can also add pickles or relish.

  • Carefully cut the sandwich in half.

I tried all kinds of vegan cheeses for this sandwich and my choice fell on Follow your heart Cheddar. It just has the perfect taste for it. You can find more info abut it here


Follow me on my Instagram @natalie_aley and please share this recipe if you like it.

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