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Idea for a perfect date. New Port Beach

I love traveling and since I`ve met my boyfriend we`ve been doing it together. Unfortunately, there is not always time to take the whole weekend and dedicate it to travel.... We live in a fast paced world where free time is a luxury. However, I`m deeply convinced that spending some quality time with your significant other is super important for your relationship. I believe getaways or 'stacations' is a great alternative to a vacation. There are couple rules though! #1 Get out of your city. If you can`t drive too far, go to the closest town or cute suburban area. # Take the whole day off. Don`t compromise on taking only a half day. # Research and plan your day. Combine pleasure and sport, consider interests of both parties. The result is astonishing! You'll feel rested, recharged and reconnected. For those who doesn`t like planning and who lives around Los Angeles, here is my plan for our New Port Beach getaway. We started our day with renting beach bikes and cruising around the area. Biking is always fun. It`s a great (and cheap) way to explore the grounds, exercise and have fun in general.

After that we headed to Crystal Cove for a lunch at the famous Beachcomber. Note that it`s better to make reservations there. Parking is validated. After the lunch you can enjoy the beach. Our short staycation was finished with a beautiful and romantic gondola ride at New Port Beach canals. Totally worth it!!!!!

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