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Avocado Rose

An avocado is a tropical fruit with a unique flavor and texture. Avocados can be used for various purposes, such as for making guacamole or homemade beauty treatments, or can simply be enjoyed and eaten on their own.

Avocado rose is a beautiful way of adding extra touch to your meal. Decadent flower might seem hard to make at the first sight but, in reality, it`s an easy arrangement. It will probably take couple times for you to master this skill.

Here is the step by step video and the instructions that come with this tutorial.

1. Choosing the right avocado

I prefer working with the small haas avocados. If you choose the large size, it can be more difficult to arrange it into the rose from the first attempt. Also, take into consideration that the rose is going to be huge. Look for avocados that feel heavy. The skin should be dark, with a hint of green, firm but no hard with no dents.

Tip: when shopping for avocados, don`t buy the ones that come in a bulk. Choose them separately. Get couple ripe ones for the upcoming meals, and green and firm ones to put them aside to ripen.

For the avocado rose, we will need a small or medium size haas avocado that is a little bit soft when you touch it.

2. Prepare the avocado

Halve, pit and peel the avocado. I usually remove the pit and the skin with a table spoon as you may see in the video. Some people use the knife to remove the pit, and the hands to scrape off the skin.

3. Arranging the avocado into a rose

Lay each half on a cutting board, cut long side down. Using a sharp knife, cut each avocado half into thin slices longwise. A lot of tutorials tell to cut avocado sidewise, I personally prefer the long side wise as the chances that it will brake during the arrangement are less. You can try both ways and decide which way you like most. Note, that the thinner the slices are, the easier it will be to shape your avocado into a rose.

Using your fingers, spread the slices out into a line then coil the line into a circle to form a rose.

To lift your rose from the cutting board, use the thin spatula. Help to transport the avocado rose with your free hand, holding on to the shape. Place the rose on top of your meal and slightly refresh the shape if needed.

Here are some ideas how to use the avocado rose.

  1. Avocado toast

2. Poke bowl topping

3. Buddha Bowl topping

4. Hummus plate topping


Thank you so much for reading and subscribing. I hope you will be able to master this beautiful recipe. Let`s connect on Instagram @natalie_aley. I blog about wellness - vegan food, music, yoga. I welcome you to my community. Please, share this on your social media.


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