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50 shades of hummus

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In my previous blog article, I talked about making hummus from scratch. I hope it helped you and you mastered this wonderfully nutritious dish. Now that you are confident in your new skill, you can make your very own hummus platters.

Hummus Platter is a beautiful addition to any party, or it can be a meal all on its own! And it couldn’t be easier to make!

Here are some staples you don`t want to miss when making a platter

1. For the platter, you can arrange all your ingredients on a large tray, plate,...

2. Be creative in choosing your veggies, fruits, nuts, and dry fruits.

3. Include breads, pitas, chips, crackers, or wedges.

4. Make your hummus colorful - use different flavors!

My favorite flavors are:



roasted bell peppers



The ingredients for the regular hummus

But first thing first. To make this amount of hummus shown on the image above, you will need 3 cups of regular hummus. You can use my previous article on how to make the hummus from scratch but you will need to double all of the ingredients. The platter I make will normally serve 6-7 people

When your hummus is ready, transfer it to a bowl and clean the blender.

✅ 1 large beet

✅ 1 large red bell pepper

✅ 1 medium haas avocado

For the decoration:

✅ 1 red bell pepper

✅ 1 orange bell pepper

✅ 1 yellow bell pepper

✅ 1 large cucumber

✅ 2 medium carrots

✅ 3 pieces of bread

✅ 2 tbls spoon of minced garlic

✅ 3 tbls spoon of olive oil.


To make the beet hummus, all you need is one large beet. I never use canned beets as they don`t really taste that great. Boil your beet till it`s soft, cut into smaller pieces. Add one cup of regular hummus and the beets to your blender, and blend it till smooth. Don`t forget to rinse the blender before starting working with the next flavor.

❗️Note that beets will give your hummus a slightly sweet taste, so if you want to adjust the flavor, you might want to add an additional 1/2 tea spoon of mince garlic, 1/2 spoon of lemon juice and 1/4 tea spoon of salt. You can decorate your hummus with finally chopped pieces of beets, pine nuts and olive oil.❗️


While boiling your beets, you can prepare the roasted bell peppers. I would go with the red bell pepper as it will give the hummus a beautiful yellow color. For the amount shown on the first image, you will need one large red bell pepper. Remove the seeds from the vegetable, slice it. Heat the oven to 350C, layer the aluminum foil on the tray, sprinkle it with some olive oil, put the prepped peppers on top of the tray, add some salt, and roast them for 10-15 min till the peppers are soft.

Add one cup of hummus, roasted bell peppers to the blender and blend it till smooth. Taste it and adjust a flavor if you need it.

You can decorate your hummus with pomegranate seeds, freshly chopped herbs and olive oil.

For the avocado hummus you will need one medium haas avocado. Peel the avocado and remove the seed. Add one cup of regular hummus, add avocado to the blender and blend till smooth.

You can decorate your hummus with the avocado rose.

Decoration of the platter

To decorate my hummus platter I use thinly sliced fresh bell peppers. To make it colorful and vibrant use red, yellow and orange colors. I also prefer thinly sliced carrots and cucumbers. You can also add celery sticks. You may add crackers, pita bread or garlic toasts.

To make the garlic toast, spread the garlic and olive oil on top of your bread. I`m using the jewish rye bread. Cut the bread slices into 3 parts, place them in the oven and roast it for 5 min. So fast and so yummy!

Another yummy additions to your platter can be olives, herbs, fruit. The sky is the limit.

This Hummus Platter is the perfect snack plate. Great for kids playdates, after school snacks or for an easy lunch. It`s a perfect dish to bring to a party!


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Have a wonderful day!

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